Financial Freedom Awaits: Non-QM Loans Tailored for You

Are you tired of being turned down for loans by traditional lenders? Frustrated with cookie-cutter mortgage options that don't fit your unique financial situation? Look no further as Matthew’s Non – QM loan options are the perfect solution you've been searching for.

What are Non-QM Loans?

Non-QM Loans, or Non-Qualified Mortgage Loans, represent a flexible category of mortgage financing that doesn't adhere to the stringent criteria set by government-sponsored entities, like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, USDA and VA. Unlike traditional Qualified Mortgages (QM), Non-QM loans offer more leniency to borrowers with unique financial profiles, permitting higher debt-to-income ratios, alternative income documentation, and greater acceptance of credit challenges.  

They are often chosen by those who can’t meet the rigid standards of conventional mortgages, including self-employed individuals or those with irregular income. Non-QM loans also serve purposes such as financing investment properties and jumbo mortgages. 


What are the requirements for a Non-QM Loan?  

Obtaining a Non-QM (Non-Qualified Mortgage) loan offers flexibility, but still requires meeting specific criteria, though these criteria are typically more relaxed than traditional Qualified Mortgages (QM). Here are the essential requirements for securing a Non-QM loan:  

  1. Demonstrable Income: While Non-QM loans are more flexible regarding income documentation than QM loans, you will still need to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan. This can be done through traditional means like W-2 forms, recent pay stubs, or alternative documentation, such as bank statements,1099’s and/or profit and loss statements, when standard income proof is unavailable.  
  1. Credit History: While non-QM loans may be more forgiving of credit issues than QM loans, having a good credit history is still helpful. Lenders will assess your credit report and score to check your creditworthiness. Some blemishes may be accepted, but a strong credit history can help secure more favorable terms.  
  1. Debt-to-Income (DTI) Ratio: Non-QM loans often allow higher DTI ratios than QM loans. A DTI ratio measures your debt payments as a percentage of your income. While specific DTI limits can vary by lender, having a lower DTI ratio will improve your approval chances.
  1. Down Payment: The down payment requirement for a Non-QM loan can vary widely. While some Non-QM loans may require a standard down payment, others, such as those designed for real estate investors, may have higher down payment requirements. Be prepared to provide a down payment that aligns with the Non-QM loan product.  
  1. Loan Purpose: Non-QM loans may have different eligibility criteria based on their purpose. For example, loans for investment properties may have additional requirements than loans for primary residences. Ensure you understand the intended use of the loan and meet the associated criteria.  

Who is eligible for Non-QM Loans?  

Eligibility for a Non-QM (Non-Qualified Mortgage) loan is designed to be more inclusive than traditional Qualified Mortgages (QM), making it accessible to a broader range of borrowers. Here are the key individuals who may be eligible for a Non-QM loan:  

  • Self-Employed Individuals: They can use alternative income verification methods, like bank statements, 1099’s and/or profit and loss statements, to prove repayment capability.  
  • Borrowers with Unique Situations: Those with recent financial setbacks, like bankruptcy or foreclosure, can find flexibility with Non-QM loans.  
  • Real Estate Investors: Non-QM loans cater to investors, offering specialized terms for financing investment properties.  
  • High Net Worth Individuals: Borrowers with substantial assets but irregular income can leverage asset-based lending. The amount of assets you have will be used to determine your ability to repay the mortgage instead of more traditional forms of recurring income.
  • Foreign Nationals: Non-QM loans provide options for non-U.S. citizens without needing more traditional documentation. 

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